Columbus 1/2 Marathon course partially recovered 13.21 mi 01:54 08:37 pace | |
2 weeks after our full at St. George, who would think we'd feel up to running 13 miles? Well, it was a last-minute effort and despite 4 hours of sleep after being at a Halloween party, I put my best foot forward with my hubby Jamison R. and we both towed the line and decided to see where we were training/injury-wise. We are signed up to knock Virginia off our list of states in just one month via the Richmond 1/2 Marathon so this was a "see what we need to work on" run. I had no goal in mind other than to NOT run another stupid 1:58 like I did at Presque Isle half last month and the split of my marathon 2 weeks ago (PR is 1:46 just one year ago), so with a 1:52 in the works, I kept chugging along until my piriformis begged me to back off. It did good for the most part and that's thanks to there being few hills, which it cannot handle quite yet. It was super cold at the start but we stayed in the car for the most part and in Jamie's workplace building for another 20 minutes, so we were