Powerful Presentations | Deborah G. Estes, Ed.D
Given the nature of what we all do in education, regardless of our roles, we spend a great deal of time communicating with others. And how often have each of us said to ourselves that we'd like to do an even more effective job of presenting our ideas, plans, proposals, and opinions to others? If you've ever thought about making your presentations more dynamic, getting people fully involved, or doing an even more effective job of making the points you want to make, this seminar is for you! Contrary to what many people think, those individuals that are most effective in listening, persuading, leading and inspiring others have developed these skills over time -- skills which can be learned. It is my pleasure to be able to share the highly effective strategies you can use to make each presentation you make, from quick, impromptu small group meetings to formal, planned presentations as impressive and inspiring as you want them to be. During our fast-paced day together I will give you a