They're Predicting WHAT???!
Dear Kid, Wait a minute—whose idea is this? I get that it's winter. Yeah, yeah. Cold. I know. But things are getting out of hand. According to the foremost expert on the subject (Dad reading from the newspaper), not only is it cold, not only are we headed for freezing rain, snow, and single digits, we are plunging into negative territory. Think about that for a minute. Negative. As in less than zero. As in less than no temperature. Can't be, I say, can't be. Never mind what the forecasters and experts and thermometers say, I'm not having anything to do with it. Therefore, I plan to spend the weekend hunkered down under a pile of blankets with a heating pad, space heater, and large cups of coffee and/or tea, binge-watching whatever I can find on TV that isn't set in the arctic and playing Word Cookies. What about walking the Puppy? He's not really excited about going out in negative numbers either. Love, Mom