Puppy Conversations | In Which We Learn About Corgis
Dear Kid, Puppy: What are you doing? Me: I was looking at things on my computer. Puppy: Was? Me: Now you're in my way. Puppy: We can watch together. Me: That would be easier if you weren't in my way. Puppy: Not for me. Puppy: So what are you looking at? Me: Corgis. Puppy: Am I a Corgi? Me: You are not. Puppy: How can you tell? Me: Corgis have stumpy little legs. Pi: He has stumpy little legs. Puppy: I love my legs! They reach all the way to the ground! Me: Corgis have ears that stick up. Pi: Yep. Your ears definitely do not stick up, buster. You have very floppy ears. Me: Corgi butts are called momos. Puppy: What? Pi: What? They have a special butt name? That's ridiculous! Puppy: I want a special butt name. Kid: Your special butt name is butt-head. Pi: Why do they have a special butt name? Me: Momo means "peach" in Japanese. Apparently, Corgi butts look like peaches. Everyone falls on the floor laughing at the idea of peach butts and furry Corgi peach butts. Me: Corgis are herding dogs