Review: The Wild Storm #2 | DC Comics News
Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt Summary Angela flies to a place called, and this is not a joke, "Camp Hero." She must think she is safe, but if we have learned anything from the first issue, no one is safe and nothing is secret. It is only a matter of a few hours before everyone knows where she is and sends people after her. IO sends out a strike team set to kill. Halo sends in Grifter (along with a few other badass ladies) to bring her in alive. Skywatch sends Lucy, AKA Zealot, to investigate Jacob Marlowe (head of HALO) because Angela is a flying robot who saved him. So, you know, good times. Positives The first six pages of this book have one line of dialogue. I am not saying that Warren Ellis is bad at dialogue, in fact, he is pretty good, but those six pages are totally told by Jon Davis-Hunt's beautiful artwork. Angela looks a bit like the hunter in the Predator movies and she does as much damage. There are splintering walls, and run down rooms and misery.