Review: Green Lanterns #19 | DC Comics News
Writer: Sam Humphries Artist: Ronan Cliquet Inker: Blond Summary Dr. Neal Emerson tries desperately to find a way to save his friend from cancer, but also must deal with his own nightmares and sickness in the form of Doctor Polaris. Positives This issue does a great job at setting up the character of Neal Emerson, aka Doctor Polaris. Using a dream sequence in the first few pages, Humphries quickly shows Emerson as a man who, despite his own medical issues with bipolar disorder, is desperate to help his friend fight his cancer. We also get a surprise visit from Director Harcourt of Task Force X in this issue, whose trying to bring Emerson in with the promise that he can continue his research behind bars. Of course, when that fails, she calls on the Green Lanterns to save the day. One side story we get in this issue is with Simon Baz, and his relationship with his brother in law Nazir. After being in a coma, Baz used his lantern ring to bring him out of it, and potentially saved