Review: Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #6 | DC Comics News
Written By: Jon Rivera Story By: Gerard Way & Jon Rivera Art By: Michael Avon Oeming Colors By: Nick Filardi Summary Borsten and his crew are on the verge of releasing the Whisperer. Cave, Chloe and Wild Dog are pushed to their limits to try and stop them and at the same time rescue Cave's father-in-law. The issue opens with a flashback of Edward Borsten finding the Whisperer. What actually happens is not clear, but hints are given at the end of the issue. And it's weird, man, weird. Cave and Chloe take some of the night pudding hallucinogenic to mitigate the psychic affect of the Whisperer on them. Wild Dog is crazy enough that he doesn't need it. In front of the Whisperer, the elder Borsten offers himself as food to the Whisperer and this appears to bring a change over it. Meanwhile, Cave, Chloe and Wild Dog come in blasting with everything they've got. It appears that they are able to stop the Whisperer from being awakened. Chloe is able to get to her