EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Graham Nolan Returns To DCN To Talk 'Bane: Conquest' | DC Comics News
It was recently announced that Bane co-creators, Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, would be returning to DC for a brand new 12-issue story centered around the character they created. DCN's own Joshua Raynor had the opportunity to talk with artist Graham Nolan about this new series, titled Bane: Conquest. Check out the interview below: DC Comics News: I want to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Bane is one of my favorite comic book villains, and that's all due to yours and Chuck's work on Knightfall. Between the amazing writing and beautiful art, it's no surprise this character became such a huge hit. So, to start things off, what was it like getting back together with your old partner-in-crime, Chuck Dixon, for this new series? Graham Nolan: Well, actually Chuck and I have continued to work together, just not on a DC project. We did two projects for Graphic India and our creator owned project, JOE FRANKENSTEIN for IDW last year. DCN