Review: Teen Titans GO! #20 | DC Comics News
Writers: P.C. Morrissey & Heather Nuhfer, Sholly Fisch Artist: Jeremy Lawson, Marcelo Dichiara Summary In the first story, Robin is looking for a place to write love poetry for Starfire, who has a crush on. He finally settles on the Titans Tower bathroom. Unfortunately, Beast Boy badly needs to use the bathroom, and interrupts Robin's attempts at writing. Beast Boy quickly realizes Robin's poetry is awful and convinces Robin that it would be horribly embarrassing if Starfire ever read it. So, Robin attempts to flush the poetry away, but instead clogs the toilet, flooding the tower. Although Robin attempts to convince the other Titans that he and Beast Boy have the situation in hand, Cyborg concocts a plan to for the Titans to clear the clog. He uses shrink ray he has invented to shrink the rest of the Titans, and converts himself into a submarine. Thus, the Teen Titans set out on a less than Fantastic Voyage into the toilet drain pipe. During their voyage, they destroy a number of