Review: Super Sons #1 | DC Comics News
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Artists: Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez Summary If ever you've really spoken with a teen for an extended period of time you know that they have huge personalities and wear their hearts on their chests. Along with these huge personalities, Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne have two things working against them; they are both ready for combat, they both live in the shadow of their parents, Superman and Batman. Imagine the ability to take down huge criminals, even the willingness to do so, but parents that won't let you. Plus, if they caught you, they could easily stop you. Each of the two Super Sons handles their parents differently. As differently as their parents teach them. I don't thank either Superman or Batman is ready though, for the force of both teens together. The confident and skilled Damian paired with the timid but controlled power of Jonathan. Positives How do you tell a story about the sons of Batman and Superman without hitting every cliché