Review: Harley Quinn #11 | DC Comics News
Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti Artist: John Timms Nobody likes when they see their ex at a store or restaurant. You feel awkward, uncomfortable, and if it ended badly, you might even feel downright mad. Well imagine if your ex was a certain purple wearing, pale skinned, "frightenin' foul-mouthed filth bag!" That's what happens to Harley at the beginning of this issue when she finds Joker waiting for her on her bed wanting to talk. After shooing him away Harley is a little rattled, well a lot rattled, and needs a distraction. Who better to provide that than the ever handy Red Tool! No pun intended. After the Joker leaves, Red Tool makes sure Harley is okay and they go on an adventure that would make a hentai fan happy. Positives This issue feels very real in how Harley deals with the events that unfold. Conner and Palmiotti are doing a fantastic job at making one of DC's most insane characters feel the most human and relatable while keeping her absolutely fun. As a big