Direct Currents #1 Gives Sneak Peek At DC's Early 2017 Plans | DC Comics News
This week, DC released the first issue of Direct Currents, a quarterly magazine to give readers an advance look at what's coming up in the next few books. In case you missed it, DC Comics News is here with a summary of what the information reveals coming up for DC. The information is mostly teaser, with little spoiler information, so it should be safe to read the following unless you prefer avoiding all teaser information altogether before reading your regular titles. Also, this magazine appears to cover only the main DC Universe titles. There is no information about DC's other imprints like Vertigo or Young Animal. The amount of information given varies from title to title, with the headliners getting a fair amount of coverage, while others get little more than a quick mention. So first off, Co-Publisher Dan DiDio greets us with an introductory letter discussing DC's plans for 2017. The main takeaway from DiDio's intro is that DC is about to start the Rebirth storyline moving.