My Life Lately: 2018 Highlights - Dbucketlist
It’s been another year. I couldn’t be more grateful because a lot of good things happened to me this 2018. Although I have to admit, I’ve had a fair share of bad memories too but I wouldn’t regret any of the choices I made in this timeline. If in case it’s true that we live in parallel universes, I hope the girls living simultaneously with my existence are also living their best lives despite some mishaps in life. Here’s a message to all the versions of myself out there, I am doing just fine. 2018 Highlights To let you know how I’ve been living this version of myself in this world, I wanted to share with you the top 3 highlights of my 2018. We traveled to 9 countries this year! This year had been my most favorite year so far. We traveled to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and went twice to Japan and China this year. It was the most aggressive year we’ve had since we started traveling. People kept asking if traveling is part of our jobs and I kept telling them, “How I wish”. I’ve had thoughts about leaving the corporate world, do freelance work instead, start my own business so I could travel with more freedom but I still can’t afford to risk the comfort of receiving monthly paychecks and all the employee benefits that come with it. So how did we manage to travel this much with only 15 vacation leaves in a year? Good news! I’ve written another blog post just for that. Here it goes: How To Travel Without Quitting Your Job I learned more about something I once hated and it turned out as one of my greatest achievements at work! At the start of the year, I’ve set goals for my career. I planned to take certifications that I was not able to take in 2017. Come February, I was asked to lead a project and learn about a new technology, particularly robot process automation. I was like, ‘ano ba yan, istorbo sa pag-aaral ko’ but who am I to reject an opportunity like this? So I ended up not having time to study for my planned exams. This project took most of my time at work and unfortunately, even my free time! It came to a point where I was about to give up because I felt like it was no longer healthy for my well being. I’ve had so many sleepless nights just trying to find out how I could deliver. When I finally understood how it works, everything went smoothly and I was able to deploy the expected package in production. I really felt so accomplished because this was so new to me and way back in college, I hated programming so much! I was glad I didn’t give up because it made me realize that I can actually love it if I try. Aside from the award (and countless exposure 😂) I received, I consider this as one of my greatest achievements at work because it was something that I thought I couldn’t do but I was able to prove to myself that nothing is really impossible. Right now, I’m starting to get interested in learning more about artificial intelligence and machine learning! But let’s see where this would take me. I hope this would give me opportunities to travel so I don’t need to quit my work.😂 Wish me luck! I got engaged with my one true love! The last but not the least — TJ and I got engaged. It was very unexpected. We went to Bali to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. I didn’t have any clues. We even had a small fight that same day he proposed to me. We were in Nusa Penida Island that morning and we fought over using the drone or not. Hahaha! 😂 But we were already okay by the time we went back from the island. So that same night, we exchanged gifts. He gave me a very long letter. It started with how we spent our first year together up until our 5th year. Then I gave him my gift. When he was about to give his gift to me, he suddenly bent his knees and I was so surprised that I kept laughing and crying at the same time. “Will you marry me?” he asked. “Syempre, yes baby!” I answered back. Then we hugged each other so tight until we fell asleep. 2018 had been a great year because I chose to believe that it was. So here’s to believe that another great year is waiting for me, or rather — for us. Cheers to all! Happy New Year! With Love, Danica