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Last week, we went to La Bella, Tagaytay to unwind and escape from the stress we reap from work and life in the city. We needed a break from our everyday reality and luckily, few months ago, we had last weekend booked for something laid back. Our plans for the afternoon of last Saturday was to spend time in this library & cafe hidden within the vicinity of La Bella. Related Post: La Bella, A Santorini-Inspired Boutique Hotel and Residences in Tagaytay Bodhi Library Bodhi in Buddhism means enlightenment and Bodhi Library suits its name just right. You can read titles from classic genres to self-help books like Stumbling on Happiness and The Science of Mind. They don’t have the new titles we often see in bookstores. Their collection of books are mostly focused on titles that are beyond what we usually read over coffee. And that’s exactly what makes this library refreshing for the mind. Cafe Menu You can also order a cup of coffee or hot chocolate while making yourself comfortable in this little idyllic place in La Bella. Here’s their menu: Then sip your way to Nirvana! Mind and Body Shop Now, after spending some time upstairs, you can grab and buy something to bring at home from Bodhi Mind and Body Shop. They have products from organic skincare to coffee beans and tea bags. And before leaving, make sure you got yourself a pocket full of bliss. It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness. — Anonymous Thank you for reading. With love, Danica