Review: A Pius Stand | Dawn Witzke
A Pius Stand was a great ending to an amazing trilogy. I'm rather sad to see it end, because after three books, it's like the characters have become friends that you hate to see go. I have never cried so much over characters than I did with this book. There was no way that a group of nuns and priests could defend the Vatican regardless of whether Sean Ryan and crew were on their side. I flip-flopped throughout the book as to whether I thought they should stay and fight or walk away from the Vatican. After all, the Church isn't the buildings or the stuff that's been collected. It's the people and the faith that makes the Church. Even if the Vatican and all of the church buildings were confiscated and destroyed, the Church would go on. I'm glad they stayed to fight, though. If they hadn't, it would have been a rather short and very boring story. The Story A Pius Stand picks up with the UN declaring War on the Catholic Church. Once the Pope and the hierarchy are subdued, the Vatican