Do It for You | David T. Shank
I've always had a difficult time growing facial hair. It's mainly because I'm blond, but it also has a little to do with the fact that there are two places on my face that refuse to yield more than a single tiny hair every now and then. Call it self-consciousness, call it vanity, but I've always wanted to be able to grow a beard. Or, at least, to have the option of growing a beard. I've tried growing a goatee (which, due to the parts of my face which remain bare, turned out to be what is technically termed a Van Dyke) but I always had mixed reactions from myself and others. If people close to me noticed it and acknowledged it, I automatically took it as an insult, even when they were just pointing out that they could see it, despite how blond and invisible it was to most people. But I realized I was letting others' opinions cloud my own perception of my facial fur. And not even just their opinions, but my hypothetical thoughts of what they must be thinking. I was personally able to see