How to Live with Depression | David T. Shank
I'm not the kind of person to post "how to" blogs because I'm not very good at imparting useful wisdom. However, here's one thing where I've had some recent breakthroughs and months later I'm still doing pretty okay. In my last post, I pointed out how I'm worried I might be going through manic depression again, and that's why I've generally been in such a good mood. But there's more to it than that. I do have depression, there's no denying it. But my language around it has been all wrong. Hell, I even linked to an example of me doing this in that last post. The first line of How My Dog Kept Me Alive has "I suffer from depression" in the opening paragraph. Well, language is important, and verbs are probably the most important part of language. So that brings up the first big change I made. I've wiped that expression from my vocabulary. I no longer suffer from depression. Instead, I live with depression. There is some wisdom behind this, although some of it is a little bit pseudoscience