The Day I Discovered My Superpower – A True Story | Lies by David T. Shank
Back in middle school, reading was a punishment. If I was grounded, I wasn't allowed to play video games, watch TV, or even draw. I also couldn't go out to see my friends. Okay, fine: friend. Instead, all I could do was read and write. This was my step-mother's idea. On the one hand, it all started out with good intentions. She was a reader (much more so than my dad) and so she'd buy me books. I was often in the car with her when she ran errands, so I spent most of that time either playing Pokemon in the backseat or reading. It's how I got started on the Harry Potter series. But that only took up a couple hours of the day, and I couldn't read that whole time. I was never really compelled to read on my own. Well, I say that now, but there was a book I read at least three times called The Skull of Truth by Bruce Coville. I don't know why I liked it so much, and I kind of want to re-read it as an adult to see if I can figure it out. There's got to be a reason why the title and author are