How to Care for your Sim and Ruin your Life | Lies by David T. Shank
The day-to-day grind can be a bit of a slog sometimes. This is why so many of us turn to things which help us unwind at the end of the day, like books, TV, movies, and video games. These things break up the monotony and allow us to detach from the difficulties of real life and escape to somewhere far away. It's the time when we get to switch off and not think about work or cleaning or any of the other inconveniences life gives you. This is what makes The Sims kind of a weird game. Now don't get me wrong; I love The Sims. I played the original on a computer running Windows 98 back when I was in middle school. I spent hours on it with my friend. But we never played without cheat codes. Back then, there was a built-in cheat where you could type in "rosebud" and the game would give you thousands of dollars simoleons. You could then type a semicolon to repeat the cheat until you had all the money you wanted. Really, we didn't care much about the characters in the game. Sometimes we would