I'm Not Talented (and Neither Are You) | Lies by David T. Shank
If you're here, then you already know I'm a writer. You might also know I'm a guitarist—and not a half-bad one if I may say so myself. These are the two creative activities I enjoy the most, and I've gotten good at them through practice and study. At least hundreds of hours have gone into each of these, though I certainly haven't hit Malcolm Gladwell's magic 10,000 hours of mastery yet. Yet. I'm mostly self-taught in both writing and guitar. Sure, I went to school (and I'm in college currently) where I learned to write, and I briefly took guitar lessons and was part of guitar ensemble my senior year of high school, but most of what I've learned was the result of challenging myself. And not a small amount of trial and error. This is why it bothers me when people say I have talent. Let me first say, though, I know I'm at least a little bit of a jerk for saying this. If someone wants to compliment my abilities, I should let them, right? Well, sure. And usually I'll just say thanks and