The Internet is a Tool | David T. Shank
When I wrote a post on how I hate the Internet, it generated a lot of buzz off-site. Friends I linked it to, friends who check to see if I've posted anything recently (the answer was usually no), and people in forums where I may have shared the post wanted to talk about it. All of these people acknowledged that the problems I highlighted were real. People younger than me saw the issues as well, even if they didn't have a vivid firsthand memory of dialup Internet. One person really enjoyed the quote from my dad. But the title of that post is a bit misleading and maybe a bit unfair. I don't hate the Internet. As I mentioned in the post, I hate what it's done to me. My productivity, my focus, my stress levels. This led to an awesome conversation with someone I'd never met before on a forum. He said he had been working on a series all about how the advent of the screen has changed how we associate with the rest of humanity. How the Internet plays middleman to so many of our social