My Love-Hate Relationship with Gaming | David T. Shank
While we're on the topic of addiction and bad habits, I figured maybe I should share something that's a bit of a personal topic. I've mentioned how much gaming has gotten in the way of life for me before, but I never quite went in-depth with how I feel about it. I'm going to be up-front about this: I'm writing this now because I'm procrastinating. I have multiple papers due the day after I'm typing this (though you're seeing it after those papers were due) and my mind keeps going to two extremes. On one end, I realize that I can get the papers done right now. Once they're done, I can go play until the sun sets and comes back up if I really feel like it. I can also ask my girlfriend where she hid Breath of the Wild. At the other end, I think to myself, "I can just play one game to get it out of my system, right?" In the past this has worked, if treated responsibly. But I know that today of all days, this is a bad idea. Okay, I guess those aren't extremes. The extreme would be "Screw