All the Small Things | David T. Shank
It's hard to get started sometimes. Hey, even I just had a dilemma over whether or not I even wanted to write a post today. But I'm behind schedule, so I kind of have to. But being the practiced procrastinator I am, I've come up with some tricks to get started, and they're the kinds of things you can do right now if you need a kick in the pants. Or, you know, you could do them after reading this post. Clean Your Desk I know when my work area is a mess, it's a lot harder to get to work. This is partly because it just seems like it would be a better use of my time to clean, but mostly it's because sometimes physical clutter acts like clutter in my brain. The disorder which makes it harder for me to find something that might only be a couple feet away has a similar effect when I'm trying to focus and write. If I'm having trouble getting started and my immediate surroundings are a mess, I will take just a few minutes getting everything clean. Thankfully, I have an office, so I can close