When Productivity Grows Fangs | David T. Shank
Picture this: Things are going great in your efforts to become a mindful, productive person. You've eliminated your bad habits, your mind is clearer than ever, and you actually want to stay on top of your new habits. Not only are you writing every day for at least the minimum time requirement you've given yourself, but you're also reading books on craft and participating in forums on writing. You're networking with other bloggers, keeping up with their new posts and commenting regularly. You read all the discussions, you catch up on everyone's blogs. You comment when you have something to say or ask. You hover over your virtual hangouts waiting for responses. You get into arguments, you hope that your latest post will get a ton of upvotes or reputation points or whatever system your chosen community uses. The dishes pile up. The house is a warzone. Wait, what? You've spent so much of your time and energy focusing on all of your productive activities that you've let them take over your