Waiting for Monday | David T. Shank
I fell into a bad habit a long time ago. It would happen when I had a project I wanted to start, or maybe a streak I wanted to begin (like writing every day), or even something I wanted to quit. Sometimes this would happen on a Thursday, which is a really awkward day to start anything. It's just before Friday, which begins the weekend. Then you've got Saturday and Sunday to putz around and be lazy or go out and have fun with friends. So I'd wait until Monday to begin that new project. This would manifest in a couple other ways as well. I'd want to start something on the first of the month, say. Or maybe it was late in the evening, so I'd rather start tomorrow. But if you've got the time and the willpower, why not just start now? Say, for instance, you want to take a break from video games. You've spent the entire day playing games, your house is a mess, and you're really close to achieving something in the game. The truth is, you want to take a break right there, that instant.