My Journey by David ARRIGO
For as long as I can remember I always was fascinated with doodling and painting. I never had planned for this career choice but do remember noting in my high school yearbook that one day I would like to work for Disney. It didn't work out that way but I will never complain as I get paid for what I love to do: Create I've really had no formal training but I know what I like. I focus on the means I take to complete my works, and understand sometimes my mode will come across as unconventional and even wrong to some purists, in the end I only have one person to answer to: The Client I believe everyone's path is dictated not only by choice but serendipitous events and chance meetings. My career (a term I'm not entirely fond of) found me a little later in life and it wasn't completely by choice. In my early 20's I began by painting murals in restaurants and bars, that evolved into the sports world when I was discovered through one of these serendipitous events while painting murals at Wayne Gretzky's restaurant in Toronto. Fast-forward to 1999 where path led me to painting Gretzky's induction mural at the Hockey Hall of Fame. It seemed like each event snowballed into something larger, this night at the HHOF opened up many opportunities that have and still shape me. Since this event the Hockey Hall of Fame induction has become a yearly tradition (with the exception of one year), and it has been a honour to paint at such a prestigious gala each time.