Book Exchange Fun - M. Darusha Wehm
One of the joys of cruising is that you get a lot of time to read. One of the problems, though, is that there’s only so much space on board for books. This is often solved by the various and varied book exchanges one finds in the places where boats congregate. Sometimes it a well stocked and organized set of bookshelves, and sometimes it’s just the corner of a bar on which people dump their old books. Either way, it’s a great source for gems as well as those books you pick up because you’re desperate for something to read. I’ve gotten a few that were worth a mention, from either end of the spectrum. The most recent one that sticks in my mind the the late 80s thriller “The Eighth Trumpet” by Jon Land. I’ve always liked thrillers as escapist fiction, so I’ve read many and think I have a pretty decent critical eye. This book was startling in its complete lack of anything that made any sense. It was one ridiculous escapade after another, with implausible plotlines and unbelievable motivations from start to finish.