Featured Writer Friday – writingfromtheheart.blog | Dan Swords
Hello everyone!! I'm very excited to be featuring a new series on my blog. It's called Featured Writer Friday. In this series, I will highlight one of the many bloggers in our blogosphere. My hope is that Featured Writer Friday will introduce you to a new writer and their blog. They will answer questions about their blog. Questions such as, what got them started writing their blog, what's working for them, and what tools they are using. On to our featured writer!! Our 1st featured writer is Steph Geary who writes at writingfromtheheart.blog My name is Steph and I have a blog over at writingfromtheheart.blog. My blog is a mix of short stories and poems written by myself plus reviews of books that I have read. I have wanted to write a blog for as long back as I can remember and so following some of the most challenging times in our family, I decided to not wait until the right day to start. I started it up properly in November and with the help of Twitter have gained a small following.