REMIX Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency
REMIX is a new 11-day residency between two adjacent art residency spaces: Betonest and Ponderosa Dance. Artists of all disciplines - performance, music, media, visual arts, and etc. - are invited to come together for a collaborative experiment. REMIX begins with a weekend of sharing art, whether in performance, installation, screening, presentation, or concert. All of the artists in residence will have the opportunity to show, experience, and get inspired by each other's work and then join in collaboration with other resident artists of their choosing. Take your work(s) apart. Make a prequel. Or the sequel. Re-arrange things. Start at the end. Make it into a video. Build the set. Merge the dance with live music. Convert the performance into a sculpture. Do it outside. Choose your own adventure. The final weekend, is the REMIX: all new works by all new collaborations Where: Ponderosa Dance and Betonest art space, Stolzenhagen and Stolpe, Germany (1 hour from Berlin) When: 16-27 May,