Selling Your MacBook? Do These 5 Things First - Daily TZ
Getting a new MacBook are you? Congrats. They really are the coolest, sleekest, most dependable laptops on the market. And while you can look forward to faster speeds, new and improved features, along with a problem-free computing experience – there is still just one problem: what to do with your old MacBook? Of course, it’s still got some value so you’ll definitely want to sell it. But where, and how much? But most importantly, what must you do to prepare it for re-sale? One of the biggest concerns these days is identity theft. And wouldn’t you know it, a lot of it happens when one computer exchanges hands with another. It’s in the sale of our trusty laptops where a bulk of the identity theft happens. So we’re here to help you make sure that the sale of your old MacBook goes smooth and identity theft free. The following tips are a list of things you must do before handing over your MacBook to some new owner, as after all, you’re only selling the computer. Not your identity along with it.