The quick fix workout | DAFYDD JAMES FITNESS
The Short and Sharp workout for optimum results! Even though its cold and wet outside here is a simple but very effective program to get your heart pumping and kick start your beach body. Try this workout and feedback how it felt for you? 5 minutes of gentle movement 10 hamstring swings 10 Dynamic squats (body weight) 5 lunges each side shoulder swings 10 each side 10 press ups 10 Squats 10 Jumping Jacks 10 Hip rotations each way Workout Complete as many reps as possible in 20 seconds then rest 10 seconds • 5 sets 20 work 10 rest : Squat Jumps Body weight 45 rest • 5 sets 20 work 10 rest : Trx row or towel pulls (rap towel around a secure handle and pull) trx-low-row 45 rest • 5 sets 20 work 10 rest : Press ups Trx or Normal Press ups 45 rest Complete 5 sets of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest of Split Squat Jumps 45 seconds rest • 5 sets 20 work 10 rest: Plank rotation Cool down with 5 minutes on a stationary bike and then general static stretches