Avoiding Stress in the Work place | DAFYDD JAMES FITNESS
Protecting yourself against the physical symptoms of stress Try these ideas for boosting your immunity to stress. Exercise (daily)– Regular exercise is well known for boosting energy and encouraging a sense of wellbeing. It'll make you fitter and stronger too but will also increase your self esteem. Nutrition– Healthy food, including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, will complement exercise in making you look and feel great. Stop smoking – Smoking is a major cause of ill health in people suffering stress, anxiety and depression. Drinking in Moderation – Alcohol is often turned to for short-term relief from stress but it is a depressant and can actually contribute to feelings of depression or anxiety and make stress harder to deal with. Give yourself time out– Make sure you take a lunch break and try to leave work on time. Always take the holidays you are due and be good to yourself. Spending time with family and friends that make you feel happy is key. Breathing Techniques and Yoga