The best things about pregnancy (a to-be dad’s list)
As much as there have been daily freak-outs, massive bouts of confusion and paralyzing information overload from the deluge of advice we have been punished with as clueless expectant parents, there have also been some bright sides to the eight months which we have survived so far. So while it can feel cathartic to complain about everything that has been horrible, I thought it was time for some focused positivity on this blog. Here’s a list of my favorite things about our first pregnancy: It’s an adrenaline trip. There is absolutely nothing that gets your adrenaline rushing quite like the idea that you have offspring on the way. Simultaneously petrifying and mind-blowingly exciting, the idea that my own baby girl will look me in the eye in a month’s time is surreal. Your imagination runs wild. For better or for worse, I am not big on obsessing over worst-case scenarios in life. So while horror stories of complicated births do get me hyperventilating from time to time, I spend most of my time visualizing downright sunny scenarios: hanging out with Journie at the park; (attempts at) teaching Journie Swedish; taking her on her first international trip; going on all the boring, baby-appropriate … Continue reading The best things about pregnancy (a to-be dad’s list) →