So far this pregnancy’s been hell
This post runs the risk of sounding ungrateful. I’m not. I am super excited about my soon-to-arrive baby girl. But I also feel like it’s important to talk about the downright crappy sides to pregnancy so that expectant parents going through tough times don’t feel alone. So here we go: Pregnancy has been the worst experience of my life and I’m not even the one pregnant. Here are but a few of the reasons our pregnancy has been hell: The excruciating way we found out Those of you who read Jammie’s far better-written blog will know that the way we found out she was pregnant was pretty horrific in itself. Short version: Jammie broke a bone in her foot by falling into a well-trafficked Bangkok street. At the ER she had the presence of mind to ask for a pregnancy test before an X-ray and BINGO: We found out we were going to be parents. Jammie’s limited mobility meant that, on top of adjusting to all the discomforts of being pregnant for the first time, she was also on crutches since we decided that getting a wheelchair was not a practical solution given the lack of wheelchair access in Bangkok. … Continue reading So far this pregnancy’s been hell →