Late last night we ended up in a Bangkok Emergency Room
Drama from the start… So I thought I was going to be able to ease you into the drama seeing as I just started DaddyBjorn two days ago. No such luck. Last night at midnight we ended up in the Emergency Room, petrified the baby was coming two months early. But before we get to the scariness Let me back up. Yesterday started well. We went to a play date organized by a friend with young kids who was leaving Bangkok for good to move back to the US. Then we hit IKEA where I worked on some writing while Jammie checked out baby gear. Bangkok’s IKEA is in one of our favorite malls so we didn’t think much of spending several hours there and it wasn’t until we were tucking into some Japanese food (no, we weren’t eating sushi — we know raw fish don’t fly in pregnancy) that Jammie started having massive back pain. Change of plans… The pain hit pretty suddenly and with ridiculous force, so we called a quick end to the evening and took a taxi home. By the time we got home the pain was unbearable. Jammie was almost completely hunched over by … Continue reading Late last night we ended up in a Bangkok Emergency Room →