Journie begins!
Well, it turns out that we welcomed a very punctual little girl into the world at noon Bangkok time on the 29th of July. In her mom’s California timezone that means Journie arrived on her exact due date, July 28th! This how it all went down: Jammie started complaining of major back pains and was starting to feel contractions by about 11 PM Bangkok time on Tuesday, the 28th and, over the next couple hours, as the contractions started coming more and more frequently, Jammie, her sister Jofe, my mom and I prepped to leave for the hospital as soon as the contractions were five minutes apart. That happened soon after 1 AM, Wednesday morning, July 29. We were in a cab in no time, headed for Bangkok’s Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital which is 15 minutes from our apartment building. Luckily our cab driver was calm and collected and with light traffic, we got to the hospital smoothly and uneventfully. Jammie was whisked in a wheelchair from the taxi, through the Emergency Department and up to Labor and Delivery on the third floor of Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital. We were led into a hotel-worthy room with a birthing pool, exercise balls, … Continue reading Journie begins! →