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Article By: Chris Callen Originally Published In The August 2011 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine As summer 2011 rolls into full swing, plans are in motion for the second Hoka Hey Challenge. I fondly recall all of the buzz that took place this time last year here at Cycle Source home base as Chris Callen, Geno Stull, and Rob Keller made their mental, physical, and tactical preparations for the inaugural Hoka Hey Challenge, which began June 20th, 2010. Although I did not ride in last year's challenge, covering the event on the Cycle Source blog was one of the most exciting times I've ever experienced. Keeping in touch with them over the phone and tracking their movements via satellite uplink, made it possible for me to participate in a very real way that a Article By: Curt Miller previously, I would have never guessed possible. Likewise, the conversations with our riders and the photos I've seen from last year's challenge have brought me to understand that regardless of who collected the