Still Swingin' | The Cycle Source Magazine World Report
Article And Photos By: Chris Callen Originally Published In The August 2011 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine The man behind this old girl needs little introduction by the likes of me. Donny Loos has been turning old scrap iron into show beauties for twentyfive years this summer and the funniest thing about it is, today he finds himself right back where he started. You see, when Don started working on bikes, the only thing people really did on average was dress them up, put some paint and chrome on them and ride. The neighborhood parts' store could stock most everything a custom bike builder needed. After all, there were only two choices in exhausts, mufflers or drags, and other than different types of hardware, the parts were either chrome or polished. That was a time when bikes like this FL Shovel were pretty common and decently tricked out too. This one was far from the condition you see here. As a matter of fact, the two bikes that it was conceived from were nothing compared to this.