Stardust | The Cycle Source Magazine World Report
Article By: Jimmy Frizzell Photos By: Markus Cuff Originally Published In The August 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine You can take all the shortcuts or you can engulf yourself in the process but in the end you're the only one that knows what it took to get there. The customer only knows so much, and the goal is in the end game. Some would believe that it really doesn't matter what it takes to get there because the end game is the only game worth winning. The customer is the life blood of any shop, they keep the lights on and the beer cold but there will be no tougher customer to please than yourself, you can't lie your way past a deadline and there is no shortcut that will go unknown. When you build yourself the bike of your dreams, there can be no short cuts, there can be no purer result. Andrew Ursich is that unwavering tough customer and only on his second bike build he pushed the limits of simplicity way past the breaking point. Andrew's shop is his own personal 900 square foot