Fall Rides | The Cycle Source Magazine World Report
The night air gets crisp and the skies are crystal blue calling you to the road before the winter blues. I love this time of year but I hate what comes after it. If I could get to see the fall colors and smell the fall air, then go right back to the summer weather I would be happy. I know there are several books out that will give you all kinds of destinations to hit on a motorcycle. One of the books is "Great American Motorcycle Tours" by Gary McKechnie. These are the kind of trips you don't really plan out you just go where the road takes you. So my thoughts on a trip like this would be to start up in Maine, just pick a spot and start working your way down the coast watching the colors as you go. Don't rush it just go where the wind takes you. Stop when you see a beautiful sight. I would love to hear of some trips that you suggest. So send me a message. I think I will put them together and put them on here.