Crypto Markets Stay Mostly Stagnant Despite This Week's Major News for Industry | | Cryptocurrency news. Breaking news on cryptocurrency.
Crypto markets keep being stuck despite big news, including institutional investments in crypto, and the SEC's establishment of a Bitcoin ETF review deadline. Saturday, Oct. 6: crypto markets keep remain fairly stable on the day, despite this week's major news in the industry, including institutional investments and an update from the SEC on their highly-anticipated Bitcoin ETF decisions.CNBC's CryptoTrader host Ran Neuner commented on Twitter today that all of this week's "good news" – such as retail brokerage firm TD Ameritrade and Ivy League U.S. university Yale moving into crypto – are "related to investment & speculation." Neuner suggested that perhaps such news was not moving the market because the market is now geared toward a narrative "of adoption and mass real world usage."Indeed, Bitcoin (BTC) has recently shown uncommon price stability over the past month, hovering comfortably between $6,300 and $6,600 starting from September 6, according to Cointelegraph's Bitcoin Price