11 Best Spots for a Stay in a Lighthouse in Croatia Wikipedia says that the lighthouse is a device, mostly as a tall building, and emits light signals to ships. Each lighthouse has its own characteristic color of light - white, red or green, and the precise time sequence of darkness and light so that seafarers can certainly identify from where comes the light. Also according to Wikipedia, there are 46 lighthouses in Croatian territorial waters. Choose the best spot for a stay in a lighthouse, catch it and rest as ever! Have you ever dreamed of a different vacation? Break away from it all in a secluded place, a place that is completely different from the typical hotels, hostels, and apartments... Vacation in a place that is full of history and unique story, and so different from anything you have ever experienced. The magic places I'm talking about are spots for a stay in a lighthouse. In this blog, I 'll introduce you with beautiful, mystical and distant monuments time: Croatian lighthouses. Swimming without intruders, preparing fish that you caught alone, hanging out with a guitar until late night and waking up with a view of the sea... Do you need more than that? So, let's start with the 11 most beautiful spots for a stay in a lighthouse in Croatia. Enjoy sightseeing and let me know where you would like to spend your holidays. 1. Savurdija Lighthouse Savudrija - Salvore is located in the westernmost part of Croatia. It is 36 meters high (viewed from the sea level) or 29 (viewed from the ground level). It was built by architect Pietro Nobile, and by ordering of that time the Trieste Chamber of Commerce - Deputazione di Borsa and under the auspices of the Austrian Emperor Francis I. Construction began in March 1817, and in the evening of 17 April 1818 was first lit up. Watching the burning of the first light in the lighthouse was also attended by the Austrian Emperor Francis I. who was then traveling Savurdia. For the construction of the lighthouse was used stone extracted on the nearby coast, and the tiles on the roof are weight 70 kilograms so hurricanes cannot do anything to the roof of the lighthouse. The lighthouse Savurdia is specific because it was the first lighthouse in the world that is consumed the gas for lighting. 2. Sv. Ivan (St. John) This lighthouse was built in 1853 and is located on the most distant islet of a small archipelago in front of Rovinj. This is a naked rock that is around 70x50 meters with a relatively shallow coast and shallow sea, making this place a great destination even for parents with children. The lighthouse tower of St. Ivan is 23 meters tall. The flattened coast makes beach of St. Ivan very suitable for sunbathing. On opposite sides of the island is one beach with shallow waters but are not recommended swimmers to swim far from the coast due to unpredictable currents. The legend says that one Venetian leader (doge) was sailing in bad weather in the direction of Rovinj. His crew at the last moment saw the dangerous rocks of St. Ivan and changed course. Doge vowed to St. Ivan, that he will, if he sail back to Rovinj alive, in gratitude on the same island light the candle as high as a lighthouse tower. After having arrived safely in Rovinj, the doge forgot the promise and in a hurry back to Venice and not light even a little candle. The unfulfilled promise has been remembered a few months later when a sudden storm struck in the same area. His ship was thrown into the cliffs of St. Ivan and the whole crew along with the doge disappeared in the stormy sea. So, enjoy the island and never give promises that can't be fulfilled. 3. Porer On the island of Porer is situated the famous lighthouse that was built in 1833. It is located 2,5 km in front of the southern tip of Istria and Premantura. The tower is 35 meters high and is located in the very center of the island. The small island is only 80 meters wide with three small docks for boats, and only one minute is enough to get through the whole island. As the sea currents around the island are very powerful, even experienced swimmers are not recommended swimming further than 30 meters from the coast. And, about a view of the island and sunsets could sing many songs. 4. Veli Rat On the beautiful island of Dugi Otok lies the Veli Rat lighthouse, which was built in 1849. The lighthouse is 42 meters high. With the highest lighthouse in Croatia are linked many legends, one of which says that the yellow facade of a tower made of 100,000 egg yolks. Here, besides the best vacation you'll ever have, you'll experience amazing scenes of waves that wonderfully rise and break off the rugged cliffs from which the lighthouse rises and the incredibly beautiful sunsets of Dugi Otok. 5. Tajer The lighthouse Tajer is built on an offshore island that had military uses, it was very unapproachable for people, especially for tourists. Tajer was built in early 1876 and it is 47 meters high. It is the only iron tower in Croatia and in the whole Adriatic Sea, and it's also encircled with gardens that float 400 square meters. This lighthouse also attracts the glances due to the red-white spiral colors of the tower, which is connected with the house by closed off the stone bridge, that was built afterward. 6. Prisnjak The island Prisnjak is only 300m away from the west coast of island Murter. The lighthouse itself was built in 1886, and it's only 15m distance from the beach. Most people say that the island offers one of the best sunsets in the Adriatic Sea and that you can enjoy the sea and nature at any time of the year. Like any other lighthouse and this one has a legend. According to legend in early 50's in past century, lighthouse keepers’ wife was pregnant and was in premature labor. The keeper put her in a boat and they went to see the doctor, but the waves were stronger than a keeper and the baby was born in the boat. They gave him a name - Adriatic. 7. Sv. Petar (St. Peter) The lighthouse St. Peter was built in 1884 on the same name peninsula which is located at the very entrance of Makarska. The lighthouse is connected with the center of Makarska by the asphalt road and it only takes a 10-minute walk. In the lighthouse environment are wild beaches that have flat stones suitable for sunbathing. Only 100m north is one of the most beautiful beaches at the Adriatic Sea. 8. Plocica This lighthouse is pretty low. The lighthouse was built in 1887 and the high of tower is only 13m But, the lowest lighthouse is also one of the biggest lighthouses, even 14 people can be accommodated, so it's a great deal for those who are looking for group outings. It is also great for family gatherings because the beaches are convenient for kids. 9. Struga The lighthouse Struga is the second oldest lighthouse in Croatia, and it was built in 1839. Struga is located in settlement Skrivena Luka. The lighthouse is seated on steep rocks over 70m above the sea level and its light can reach 20miles far to warn the ships that they are near Lastovo. The legend says that fishermen caught a huge carb that weighted little over 18 kilos, and that 50 years later under the same cliff they found a coral that weighted 45 kilos. With that evidence, that coral is believed to be the biggest coral form Adriatic Sea. It is interesting that in the year 2001 the island only had 18 resident. 10. Susac Susac is an offshore island located in the middle Adriatic Sea. Because of the never-ending sea you get the feeling of isolation from the rest of the world, and looking at the horizon you get an optical illusion that there is two island. The lighthouse is a two-story building built in 1878 at the rock, 100m above the sea level. The beaches are very near the lighthouse and they are wild beaches. Very rocky but also ideal for swimming. It is not recommended for children. 11. Palagruza This lighthouse was built on the farthest Croatian island Palagruza in 1875. The lighthouse is seated 90m above the sea level and has 2 apartments with 4 beds each. The island has beautiful beaches that are suitable for kids and has shallow sea. On the island also offering fishing and diving lessons. But individual diving is restricted. One of the most famous legends of this island is a belief that Diomed, most famous Greek hero alongside Odissey, came on this island after Troyan war. Legend says that he is buried on Palagruza and that Zeus turned all his servants into birds after he died to watch over his grave forever. For more information about stay in a lighthouse look at