About Creative Conflict Resolutions | Creative Conflict Resolutions
CCR is a research, training and coaching team concerned about turning relationships into happy and healthy experiences to be applied to shared development and self-growth. There are more than 40 years of relationship experience between Nora Femenia and Neil Warner. We've seen client conflicts all over the world, and experienced many different relationship conflicts (including our own). Because of this experience, both professional and personal, we built Creative Conflict Resolutions on a foundation made up of some very key ingredients. Instead of going into a long history about how we started, we'll share with you what we're about and what we aim to help you with. Ingredient One: Any relationship is a contract. Two individuals promise to help each other satisfy their needs. Thus, to support healthier relationships, we need to help people find new ways to meet their personal needs in ways that will serve them and others in the long term. Ingredient Two: Human beings need