Six Degrees Blog Tour Day 7 - the creative counselor
More great movies on the list for today! Start off with Ajaire from Call Ajaire sewing along to a movie by one of my favorite comedic directors: And then we head over to Lulu and Celeste where Ula is getting into the Christmas spirit! Monday Dec. 7: Free Notion | Creative Counselor Tuesday Dec. 8: A Jennuine Life | Climbing the Willow | Bonus Stops! Rebel and Malice | Cindy Parrett Wednesday Dec. 9: Lauren Fazio | Falafel and the Bee | Bonus Stop! That’s What She Crafted Thursday Dec. 10: Paisley Roots | The Wholesome Mama Friday Dec. 11: It’s Been Taylored | Mae & K Monday Dec. 14: Simple.Blessed | Pincushion Porcupine Tuesday Dec. 15: Call Ajaire | Lulu & Celeste Wednesday Dec. 16: Work Pray Sew | Pear Berry Lane | Bonus Stop! Adventures With Bubba and Bug Thursday Dec. 17: Ali Cat & Co | Feathers Flights | Bonus Stops! Friends Stitched Together | Knot Sew Normal Friday Dec. 18: MSL Creations | Creative Counselor | Bonus Stop! Make It Sew Seattle