How to Piece Pyramids from Jelly Roll Strips - Craftcore
advertisement - content continues below I’ve had a set of brown and pink jelly roll fabric strips in my stash that I purchased last year without a specific plan in mind. I decided to use them to create a quilt with pyramid shapes. If you don’t know what a jelly roll is, it’s a package of precut strips that measure 2.5″ by the width of fabric, usually around 42″ to 44″. If you don’t have a precut roll of strips, you can simply cut the strips yourself from any quilting fabric. I used a 7″ pyramid quilting ruler which is simply an acrylic equilateral triangle ruler. All three sides are the same length with 60 degree angles. You don’t need this special ruler though. If you have a standard quilting ruler that has angles marked on it, you’ll be able to create them easily as well. This tutorial will show you how to quickly create the triangles as pictured at the top right of this article. The triangle measures 6.75″ high unfinished, with the three edges measuring approximately 7.8″. Let’s get started. Supplies: Jelly roll strips, as many as you’d like. Each set of 3 strips will yield 5 triangles. Quilting ruler (triangle or standard with degree angle markings) rotary cutter, and mat. Sewing machine, iron, thread, etc. Start by picking three coordinating strips. Sew two of the strips right sides together with a 1/4″ seam allowance, then press towards the dark side. Repeat for the third strip and press towards the dark side to create a large 6.75″ by approximately 42″ rectangle. If you have a pyramid ruler, align it on top of your pieced rectangle. If your ruler is taller than 6.75″, make sure you’re aligning your ruler from the top point as pictured below. Use your rotary cutter to cut along both edges of the ruler. Set aside your triangle, then flip your ruler and slice along the new edge. Repeat until you run out of fabric. If you don’t have a pyramid ruler, you can use a standard one as long as it has angle markings. Look for the 60 degree marking and align that line along the long edge of the strip. Repeat for each set of three jelly roll strips until you have as many equilateral triangles as you need for your project. What will you do with your triangles? I’m planning on mixing up my triangles into a random pattern and rearranging them into strips to make a small lap quilt. I also played around with this hexagon idea below, lining up the centre rows but flipping the colours for every other piece of the hexagon. I decided against it since I didn’t have enough fabric to arrange it into a pleasing pattern. Follow my blog with Bloglovin!advertisement - content continues below