Pink and Brown Polka Dot Quilt - Craftcore
This quilt was my first ever that I made when I was around 18 years old. Actually, it may not be exactly accurate to call this “my” first quilt because I needed so much hand holding for this project. I remember crying to my mom because it wasn’t coming together nicely for me. I was overwhelmed with the twin size project as a relatively new sewer. She ended up quilting the bulk of it and doing the entire hand binding (thanks mom!). I didn’t try to quilt again for many years, remembering the frustration! It makes me laugh to think of this now because I’m so passionate about quilting compared to other crafts now.advertisement - content continues below Since I was so new at sewing, we used fusible grid for the squares (you can read more about fusible grid here on Craftcore). This made the corners of every square absolutely perfect. It’s a really neat product, although a bit frustrating to use for a project of this size since the fabric gets heavy on the very light interfacing. This quilt has been on my old twin bed at my parents house for quite some time. I finally brought it back to my house this week and it’s a quilt full of memories for me. It’s sized for a twin bed so it doesn’t actually fit my guest room’s double bed pictured below, but it gives you an idea of the how it looks on a bed. The photograph below is from my rental townhouse while attending university. You’ll notice that instead of a nightstand, I had boxes of my craft supplies stacked as a side table since space was tight! I’m glad that despite not enjoying every step of the process when creating this first quilt, that I eventually took up quilting again and gave it another go. Happy quilting!