Simple Appetizer Labels - Craftcore
These appetizer labels are easy to make and help your house guests identify foods suitable for their dietary restrictions.advertisement - content continues below What you need: card stock fancy-edged scissors regular scissors permanent marker tooth pick tape Cut out as many rectangles as you need in whatever size you’d like. (Awfully specific, ain’t I?) Using fancy-edged scissors, cut a design on the paper edges. Write your label text on with the marker using your best penmanship, or just scrawl it on like I did as pictured for a homemade touch. Put a little dot of marker in each corner to make it look fancy with little effort. Yay! With a small piece of tape, tape the tooth pick on the back of each label. If you’re satisfied like I was, you can be finished here. If you don’t want people peeking at your tape-job, simply cut out a series of squares, then attach them to the back of your appetizer label using a rolled-up piece of tape. Voila, your handiwork is finished!