Where, Now? The Chilean Dilemma | Correr Es Mi Destino
In Chile, the question isn't "East or West?" but "North or South?" This is the topic that kept us busy after New Year's Day. Our trip doesn't end in Santiago, it starts in the Chilean capital. So, where next? North of Santiago lies the Atacama Desert, the driest on earth, and many mining towns. South of Santiago is the lake district, then Patagonia. On paper, everything looks exciting but when you take a closer look like we did, things get complicated. We've been to Arica (Chile's Northernmost City) before. There isn't much there and Feng wasn't interested into mining towns and this endless stretch of sand. Southern Chile was a more attractive, touristic and doable option. We considered visiting the cities between Santiago and Puerto Montt, each roughly a six-hour bus ride from one another. But there was a "but." Southern Chile is cold. Not as cold as Canada but cold enough, even now in summer. We checked the weather and temperatures were between 10ºC and 15ºC with wind and rain. For a