Beyond Weather Considerations – What I Miss After Coming Back to Canada | Correr Es Mi Destino
Really, Canada?? Everybody mentions the sudden change of temperature we experienced when we left the warm Southern Hemisphere and flew back up North. But we knew it was going to be cold in Canada. It sucks, I hate it, but it doesn't take long to grab gloves, a hat and a winter coat and join the millions of frozen Canadians doing what Canadians do best—complaining about the weather. No, it doesn't take long for the body, this amazing machine, to adjust to the significant temperature difference. My mouth, for instance, adapted quickly. It took me about five seconds to mutter, "fuck, it's freezing and the cold air hurts my face!" "Did you leave laundry in the dryer?" "Yeah, didn't have the time to take it out." "... it froze." "Oh."#LifeinCanada — Juliette Giannesini (@Xiaozhuli) March 11, 2017 Canadian lesson: don't leave water in the car (yep frozen solid) #Canada — Juliette Giannesini (@Xiaozhuli) March 12, 2017 "You know what I'll miss the most?" I told