Wake Me Up Before You Bloco – Learning The Art of Carnival Street Party in Rio | Correr Es Mi Destino
Things I have experience with: Crowds (cf. demonstrations in France) Drunks (cf. every weekend in France) Things I have no experience with: Brazilian street parties Antarctica beer Celebrating Carnival before it even started Drunks wearing costumes But hey, you live, you learn. Now I can add these precious skills to my resume, minus beer tasting (it was only spilled on us, didn't drink it). Carnival is an event of huge proportion in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro. On the official Carnival dates, February 24 to 28 this year, the best samba schools compete at the Sambódromo. Each parade is filled with revellers, floats, and adornments and the event last for hours—pretty much until dawn every day. But the Carnaval do Brasil also takes place in the street with the Blocos de Rua, literally "street blocks." These events, much like long and elaborate flash mobs, draw hundreds of thousands of participants. The official list of blocos is impressive: there are probably a hundred listed